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TogaMan GuitarViols - Hand built by Jonathan Wilson - Sylmar, CA - A.D. 2018



All GuitarViols have a limited lifetime warranty to original owner (spanning natural life of builder) covering any structural defects or aspects at the sole discretion of GuitarViols inc. Each GuitarViol is built to it's best state of the art possible at the time it was built. Electronics are subject to the terms of the original manufacturer (though GuitarViols Inc. will aid in any claims process with those particular vendors). Any warranty service is subject to the following terms: The owner of said instrument (s) is responsible for the transportation and expenses to and from our shop to perform any repairs. Replacements or exceptions to this policy are at the sole discretion of GuitarViols inc. Please note: these instruments are made from mostly organic materials and are subject to their natural behaviors.

Things not covered:


Here at GuitarViols inc, we endeavor to continuously advance the the state of the art to it’s highest realization. A GuitarViol built today will have likely feature improvements not featured on an earlier build. We offer 50% original cost (as trade in value of instrument) applied toward a newly commissioned instrument or *80% of a successful consignment sale towards a new instrument . These conditions apply only at the time new order is generated and can not be applied after order/deposit is placed. No exceptions!

Questions? Please contact Jonathan Wilson at 818-268-5602 10:00AM - 6:00PM pacific time Monday - Friday or email anytime.