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TogaMan GuitarViols - Hand built by Jonathan Wilson - Sylmar, CA - A.D. 2018

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(Prices effective January 1, 2016)

Electric GuitarViols:

Custom$7,777.00 and up*


Electrocoustic GuitarViols:

Nouveau Spartan$4,989.00


Acoustic GuitarViols:

10X BETA CF$4,990.00*
(3 installments/$1663.00)
(3 installments/$3259.00)
(3 installments/$4925.66)

All GuitarViol prices reflect instrument without case. *(exceptions may apply on consignments etc. where indicated).

Local pickups: Available without case. In LA, Southern California local pickups from our Sylmar studio are welcome (subject to local taxes). (After all, some of you are local composers/recording artists who simply hang it on the wall and use your GuitarViol for routine work and a case is just another bulky thing to can make it to your studio safely in the back seat of your car - bring a blanket ;). You can always order a case down the road if that comes up; whatever you prefer! Case? No Case?

For shipping, a Case or Super Box* is mandatory!

Case (light, tough Cordura/foam/Coralite panel with shoulder strap for around town) $500.00

Case + ATA Flight case (same case within a road case that can be removed for around town). $800.00 Good for air travel when carry on may not be allowed (all too often the case these days, no pun intended).

*Super box (essentially a custom 1/4" MDF panel crate wrapped in bubble wrap and placed within a 46" x 20" x 12" box; instrument carefully wrapped in a sea of bubble wrap inside crate- no case, but built for a safe journey!)* $100.00

Case/Shipping FAQs

Q: "Why are GuitarViol cases relatively expensive?"
A: GuitarViols are unique and there are not any industry standard issue cases that are suitable for the purpose. The Acoustic and ElectroCoustic models have free standing bridges and relatively fragile tops. Since GuitarViols are made in smaller numbers than, say, classical guitars, cellos, high volume commercial cases are simply not available. These are sourced by a local USA company with materials and local labor. It is what it is...

Q: "Why is a "Super Box" (added for shipping without case) $100.00?"
A: Because the materials (MDF Panels, Wood, Corrugated box, Bubble Wrap etc.) add up to about half that and it does take some decent labor to construct, pack properly (safely). On the other hand, the same size corrugated cardboard box can accommodate a case without the extra MDF panel treatment. To "case" or not to "case". Regardless of actual weight, a 46" x 20" x 12" box is automatically billed "dimensional weight" @ 85 lbs.

Q: "Can I carry on or check GuitarViol in case when flying?"
A: It's dicey! Airlines policies vary and are all too often subject to the mood flight attendants are in. The best policy is to assume that they will not allow it in the cabin and transport it in the optional flight case we offer. The case goes inside of the flight case so that you can go about town with the GuitarViol in it's primary case and later put it the primary case back inside flight case when it is time to travel. This will give you more peace of mind. Another solution is to ship it ahead to your destination via FedEx, UPS, DHL (in a case, in a box) to avoid the hassle.

Shipping from our shop to lower 48 US states is a Flat $100.00 for FedEx Ground (insured to your door) (Alaska and Hawaii are subject to different quote). So, for instance if you buy a GuitarViol without a case (but in a Super Box) the total to get it to your door in the lower 48 would be $200.00. If purchased with a case, the shipping would then be $100.00. If shipping outside of the US, the same rates would apply for transport to Bonvu forwarder (a US address) and the overseas leg of the journey. Orders from outside of the US require creating an account with and they bill you directly. (Bonvu is great in that, even when adding the shipping costs from our shop to them, are significantly less (up to half off in some cases!). The sum of the two if far less than we could offer otherwise shipped directly from our shop.

*Other amenities (inlay, carving etc.) are extra. Call/write for quote.