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TogaMan GuitarViols - Hand built by Jonathan Wilson - Sylmar, CA - A.D. 2018

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Rarely is an artist capable of touching the hearts and souls of people of all ages, cultures, and diverse musical backgrounds as BENISE (pictured at left). Armed with his Spanish guitar (and his new acoustic TogaMan GuitarViol), an amazing world class band of musicians, and elaborately choreographed dancers, his show captures world music at its best, with a spectacle that appeals to the hearts and souls of people of all ages, cultures and musical backgrounds.

To learn more about Benise and his current tour, visit his website at

Who's playing a GuitarViol?

This list is growing on a daily basis! You may have heard TogaMan GuitarViols in movies and never knew what it was! Inearly 2003, Loga Torkian (pictured at right) began his long association with his GuitarViol with his group "Niyaz" and "Azam Ali". He showed up for sessions in several LA studios with it and the word of mouth spread.

Back in 2004 - 2005, Film composers such as Heitor Pereira (Hanz Zimmer, Nelly Furtado) & Kevin Kiner (CSI Miami) began to pepper sounds of their electric GuitarViols into their scores. After a particular Pearl White Cana electric model arrived home victorious following glowing reviews in Guitar Player magazine, Tyler Bates quickly snatched it up and made a big sonic splash with it in "300" (Later "The Day the Earth stood still" and "Watchmen". Tyler has also appeared with it on KCRW's "Morning becomes Eclectic").

Nathan Barr (Guitarist,Cellist) has firmly established his GuitarViol sound in the popular HBO series "True Blood".

Ramin Djawadi hired Loga Torkian for a couple ques in "Iron Man" (then ordered one for himself and used it effectively in "Clash of the Titans!") . Also, Beau Jarred (pictured at left), a firey Gypsy/Flamenco/Classical/Composer-Guitarist located in Nashville, recently took up the GuitarViol and is having quite an affair with it. His mother Melanie Safka is a living legend of the "Woodstock" artists.

These are but just a few. The list goes on and we'll keep you up to date on the latest exploits as well as new GuitarViol developments if you join our newsletter. [If you are a GuitarViol artist with news, please contact us!!]

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